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[Why become an artisan?]
My scientific background, at college and university, was quite enriching but not fulfilling enough. While raising a family, I wanted to focus on my children and to be there for them while developing my aptitudes and discovering new possibilities. It was a good time to make career choices and to follow a lifetime passion of mine: I chose to make a living out of an art. It was in 2007 that I took part in my first exhibition and started this transition

[Why recycle?]
To me, eco responsibility is not a fad, it is a way of life. I define myself above all as a recycling artist, since my entire creative process is based on recycling, and protecting the environment is a core value to me. Thus, I believe that a “green” product must be durable and not disposable. This belief strongly influenced the choice of my main raw material, namely stainless steel. This metal is beautiful and durable, it does not tarnish, does not provoke allergies and does not require any specific maintenance. Working with stainless steel remains a challenge, but I use cold working to ensure that its marvelous properties are not altered.

[Why make jewelry out of stainless steel utensils?]
The initial inspiration : have a ring made from fork teeth for myself. The concept of creating jewelry from recycled utensils evolved over a period of time, since I love experimenting; interacting with people inspires me. I want to design timeless creations, for both men and women, which harmonize with all fashions and do not degrade over the years.

[Why do I love my work?]
It enables me to raise awareness of the environmental and social impact of consumerism, to show how to make the transition toward responsible consumption. My work gives me the opportunity to discover unfamiliar fields. Art and science mesh through various tasks. Above all, it enables me to balance work and family to suit our needs.



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